Other Ceremonies

Those who want to have a say in the words spoken over them at their own ceremony when their time comes have called upon me to help get their thoughts in order.Or perhaps family are far away and a need to be organised is the driving force.  It is an honour for me to listen and collate your memories.

Memorial Services can be held at any time after the loss of a loved one. It may be to commemorate  their life, a year on, together again in remembrance. This ceremony can be held anywhere, perhaps a favorite beach where the loved one used to fish from. Recently I was asked to preside over a Memorial Service for someone whom had passed suddenly, peacefully in his sleep. The family thought it fitting to have a Memorial service To Honour his life and rejoice with both laughter and tears together.

His ashes were present. His life was honoured. Friends shared together his life and listened, and yes there were tears and laughter,  He would have been proud. Friends shared. People left with a lightness of heart which is what was intended and hoped for by his family.

Working with the family at such times is both a privilege and an honour. A way of helping them.