Funeral Ceremonies

I first became interested in Celebrancy at my fathers funeral. Writing his eulogy was a sad but cathartic experience, a wonderful honouring to a wonderful man. He had done so much and grown up in a different world. Now I find myself continuing to write life stories for the living. Those who want to have a say in the words spoken over them at their own ceremony when their time comes have called upon me to help get their thoughts in order.Or perhaps family are far away and a need to be organised is the driving force.  It is an honour for me to listen and collate. Together we plan how things will be, music, poems, readings, words. Doing so puts  concerns to rest. The work is done and family will find it easier.

Traditionally however I can be of assistance when a loved one has passed by meeting with family and gathering your memories of your loved one and presenting a ceremony which will say it as it was for your loved one. It can be a difficult time for all and I am happy to assist you. It’s wonderful that funerals these days are more about honouring a life than the solemn affairs they used to be.